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With an experienced team of medical recruitment consultants, and ten years of providing specialist medical recruitment services, Ochre Recruitment have developed and refined a comprehensive and detailed process for the assessment of doctor candidates prior to presenting them to our clients. The process begins with a review of the doctor’s CV, qualifications, references and registration and continues right through to the day the doctor starts in their new medical job.

Overseas trained doctors seeking permanent medical positions in Australia are screened in accordance with the process outlined below. Applicants who have not yet attained fellowship can also be clinically screened by Ochre Recruitment medical practitioners for an additional small fee.

Our thorough process allows both us and you to be confident in the medical practitioner’s competence prior to the placement being accepted – which is why doctors placed by Ochre have a great likelihood of becoming a valuable and effective employee!

The process below is primarily based for GP Recruitment in Australia and will vary for medical specialists and doctors being placed in New Zealand.

Ochre Recruitement Process Screening Job Matching Job Tracking Registration Immigration Medicare (Australia) Credentialing Placement and Feedback

Step 1 – Screening

Ochre Recruitment comprehensively assesses all candidates based on the origin of their medical degree, their skills, experience and English language proficiency. Ochre collects all references and documentation and candidates must pass this screening stage to progress further.

Step 2 – Job Matching

Ochre Recruitment interviews all doctors to evaluate whether their skills and attributes are suitable for the role in which they have expressed interest. If so, they will be introduced to potential employers, who will review Ochre Recruitment’s summary and the candidate’s CV. If the employer is interested in progressing the candidate, we provide the candidate with detailed information regarding the prospective employer/s, their facilities and the location. Job Matching is finalised once selection processes have been successfully completed and both parties have formally agreed to the new position.

Step 3 – Job Tracking

Ochre Recruitment manages all administrative processes regarding the placement, ensuring all paperwork is completed on time with the relevant bodies. Job Tracking is subject to regular internal audits to ensure high levels of compliance and quality.

Step – 4 Registration

Ochre facilitate registration of a candidate through the various AMC pathways, including Area of Need, Competent Authority Pathway, Partially Comparable Pathway, General Registration and Specialist Pathway Program.

Step 5 – Immigration

We provide visa and immigration assistance and guidance to the candidate and help to prepare immigration documentation for a candidate once they have met registration eligibility.

Step 6 – Medicare (Australia)

Ochre Recruitment will assist doctors in completing the necessary documentation for a Provider Number, 19AA application, 19AB application or ROMPs, as required.

Step 7 – Credentialing

If a doctor is required to be credentialed to work in a hospital or health care facility, Ochre Recruitment will liaise with the appropriate health service or district to ensure the necessary paperwork is completed and to confirm eligibility.

Step 8 – Placement and Feedback

Ochre Recruitment performs a final check and confirmation that all administrative and logistical arrangements have been completed prior to the doctor commencing work. A welcome pack and information sheet is provided to the doctor to assist in their orientation into their new workplace. Follow up checks are made with both employee and doctor to obtain feedback and to help address any issues.

Our process is proven, our results speak for themselves. Contact Us to see how we can fill your medical jobs.

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