Locum Doctor loyalty program

8 January, 2016

We value your loyalty to Ochre Recruitment and want to continue to reward you; our doctors have told us they enjoy getting mail with a little something inside! Our refreshed loyalty program allows us to reward you more often, so for every ten weeks of locums that you work with Ochre Recruitment, we’ll give you a gift you a $250 AUS/NZ voucher or Coles/Myer gift card a token of our appreciation! There is no limit to the number of rewards you can receive.

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To welcome a fresh, New Year, Doctors who have locumed with Ochre Recruitment since July 1st, 2015, will have their locum weeks added to the qualifying weeks. Check your mailbox in March 2017, you may have mail.

We look forward to working with you and continue to provide locum opportunity’s throughout 2016.

Ochre Recruitment Team


Nearly 50% of our working Doctors were introduced to us by you!

13 February, 2015

We have received doctor referrals from far and wide. We find they are a sure fire way to meet great doctors to fill the vast array of exciting positions we have throughout Australia and New Zealand.
At Ochre we understand that you, our Doctors, are best placed to recommend colleagues you think highly of and who would benefit from Ochre’s professional and personalised service.

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Spark a new relationship – Refer a doctor to Ochre Recruitment today!

To learn more about Ochre’s Reward Program see the below options.


Locum Doctor Referral Rewards

9 April, 2014

To encourage you to send your friends and colleagues our way…

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Our Referral Rewards Programme rewards you with a $200AUD/NZD gift voucher or Coles/Myer gift card when your referral completes a job placement through us. If you meet the following conditions, you may be eligible for this Locum Doctor Referral reward!

  • You must be a registered candidate already on our database;
  • Your referred friend must name you as their referrer at the time of registration;
  • The first time we place the doctor, we contact you to activate the Reward, which will be paid on successful completion of their first placement. The doctor must complete 2 weeks of locum work within 6 months of being referred, and there is no limit to the number of doctors you can refer to earn a Reward.

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Permanent Doctor Referral Rewards

9 April, 2014

Our permanent placement referral rewards are even bigger!

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Refer a doctor who is accepted for a permanent placement and we would like to reward you with a $1000.00AUD/NZD gift voucher or Coles/Myer gift card as a big thank you for sending the doctor our way. (The reward for referral is $500 for a permanent Part Time placement.)

To be eligible for the permanent placement doctor referral reward:

  • You must be a doctor currently registered on our database;
  • Your referred friend must name you as the person who referred them to Ochre Recruitment at the time of their registration or application for one of our permanent medical jobs;
  • The doctor you refer must be contracted for a minimum placement of 12 months.

After your friend has completed three months in their new permanent job, you will receive your referral reward voucher.

All permanent placement referral rewards are conditional on the doctor remaining in the position for at least three months, and the relevant voucher will be paid after this milestone.

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