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I love connecting with others and finding out what it is they are passionate about.

Rochelle D'Souza

Associate Recruitment Consultant, General Practice Division


With a zest for life and people, Rochelle, our new 'recruit' has joined the General Practice Team working alongside Georgia, Steph and Melie, as an Associate Recruitment Consultant.

Originally from an IT background (Rochelle completed a bachelor’s degree in IT in 2013 and worked full time in this space for about 3 years), a move to New Zealand led to a new discovery and career change for Rochelle. "My passion is people, connecting with people, finding out what drives them, and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals".

Having worked in retail, travel & sales across Australia and NZ in customer/client-facing roles Rochelle is delighted to be now working with General Practitioners. Rochelle's empathy for others, first-class communication, and organisational skills ensures her collaborations with clients and partnerships with doctors are meaningful and lead to positive outcomes. 

In her personal time, Rochelle likes to bake sweets, cakes, pastries you name it - Rochelle has baked it! She also loves spending time outdoors with her dog Nugget (he’s a yellow Labrador), who goes everywhere with Rochelle - whether it’s for a walk, to the beach or dining out with friends and family!

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