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Following on from the first Art Union Draw of its kind in Australia, where Your Jet Life gave away a SR22 Cirrus Jet, raising a cool $600,000 for Angel Flight, you can once again support the outstanding work of Angel Flight by entering their next two draws. This time, you'll have the chance to win a luxury holiday, gold bullion, or an R44 Raven II Helicopter. With both being drawn in December, what a way to celebrate Christmas... in style!

Angel Flight’s aim with the help of the Your Jet Life Lottery, is to assemble a fleet of Vision Jets to be situated in every capital city plus Cairns. This will allow doctors like yourself to get in and out of the bush the same day and spend all day treating and seeing patients rather than spending hours driving to and from a commercial airport to a remote community. Proceeds from the Your Jet Life Lottery sales will underpin this vision for the future.

For many rural and regional communities, access to much-needed health care is out of reach. The new aircraft service will work to alleviate the problems rural and remote patients have in trying to access care in the city, by bringing medical specialists and experts to these communities. 

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What does Angel Flight Do?

Like Ochre, Angel Flight has a rich 20-year heritage of supporting rural and regional communities.

Angel flight co-ordinates non-emergency medical flights for people living in country regions so they are able to access specialist medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them because of vast distance and high travel costs.

And not only that... Angel Flight also provides free transport for goods and people into areas affected by natural disasters like floods and fire, and transports health professionals to rural and remote communities ensuring hospitals and remote clinics are not left without medical services.

"Since 2003 Angel Flight has supported more than 100,000 Australians at no cost to them or the government. Our pilots have made in excess of 57,000 flights covering over 25 million kilometres from more than 300 regional airfields into all capital and major coastal cities". CEO Marjorie Pagani


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Why Ochre & Angel Flight are working together

Improving access to healthcare across Australia’s rural and remote regions remains an enduring passion for our founding doctors, Ross and Hamish, and the entire team at Ochre. The crew at Angel Flight share the same passion. Since 2003, Angel Flight has supported more than 100,000 rural and remote Australians. Their volunteer pilots have made in excess of 57,000 flights, covering over 25 million kilometres from more than 300 regional airfields into capital and major coastal cities.

With a strong commitment to regional communities, the synergies between the two organisations are strong.


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