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Doctors seek out new roles for a variety of reasons. We understand that each doctor’s motivations, career aspirations and work-life preferences are unique to them.

Perhaps you’re an emergency medicine physician looking for a new full-time ED job in a teaching hospital where you can mentor junior doctors. Maybe you’re a general medicine doctor wanting to supplement your income by picking up some additional locums here and there. Or you could be a surgeon who has come to a stage in your career where you want to reduce your theatre lists and are ready for a permanent lifestyle change.

Our Hospital Division is here to help. 

We have been working with consultants across all specialties for many years now, and we work hard to ensure that the doctors we work with find exactly what they are looking for.  

Ochre Recruitment offers specialist doctors a comprehensive range of permanent and locum, hospital, emergency medicine, and rural generalist jobs in Australia and New Zealand, securing you excellent rates and packages.

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Specialist Doctor Salary Expectations in Australia

Doctors who have gained their fellowship and are specialists in the chosen discipline can generally earn between $200,000 and $400,000 AUD per annum.

Factors such as location, experience, qualifications, private-versus-public settings, and the chosen discipline all play a part in salary and package negotiations. 

In the public sector, awards are set by each state—if you do work in a public hospital you will benefit from salary packaging. Salary negotiation in the private sector is more fluid, as private hospitals determine remuneration packages commensurate with your skill set.

Whether you are looking for a role in a private hospital or the public system, our Hospital Division will advocate on your behalf to ensure you get the conditions and benefits that you are seeking.


Specialist Doctor Salary Expectations in New Zealand

The salary range for specialist doctors in New Zealand tends to fall between $180,00 and $300,000 NZD per annum.

Specialists are employed directly by a District Health Board (DHB) in New Zealand. They are paid a salary and receive benefits in accordance with the Specialist Multi-Employer Collective Agreement known as the DHB MECA. 

You can learn more about this on the DHB Employment Conditions page, or you can download a PDF of the DHB MECA to read in its entirety.

Locum Rates for Specialist Doctors in Australia

Specialist doctors in Australia can usually earn upwards of $1,800 to $2,500 AUD per day. 

Locum rates for specialist doctors in Australia do vary depending on your specialty, level of experience and location. We generally find that hospitals in rural areas pay higher rates than those located in urban areas.

Locum Rates for Specialist Doctors in New Zealand

Some specialists are eligible to work as long-term locums and receive a daily rate of between $1,500 and $2,000 NZD. 

NZ locum rates are influenced by the urgency of need, location, qualifications and experience of the doctor, familiarity with the NZ system, and if any on-call is required. Winter session rates are generally higher, and less popular locations often pay a higher rate to attract people. 

Accommodation, car and travel expenses are typically covered for the duration of the locum.

Tips for securing the
best Specialist Locum rates

Back yourself 

You will almost always be in high demand. 

Do your research

What are your colleagues in similar positions earning? 

Identify your non-negotiables

What are your must-haves? Present them at the start of negotiations.

Consider rural and remote areas

If your family commitments allow you the opportunity to venture further away from metropolitan based hospitals, consider working in rural or remote areas of Australia and New Zealand where you will receive higher rates.

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