The calibre of Doctors we are blessed with fills my cup and I’m proud and honoured to be representing this company!

Dannielle Daly

Senior Recruitment Consultant, Rural Generalist & Hospital Division


Danni has 14 years of Medical recruitment experience under her belt, focusing predominantly on the Rural Generalist and Emergency space. Even after all these years, she is still so driven, passionate and truly loves working with doctors and health care providers.

Having travelled to Australia 8 years ago and obtaining her citizenship last year, Danni is here to stay!

Danni enjoys the travel opportunities Ochre offers, and the flexibility to work whilst being on the road. Danni works with GP VMO's and knows the space like the back of her hand.

Face-to-face client and candidate meets are so very important to her and have helped her grow her professional and personal portfolio to include extensive and meaningful relationships with doctors and administration staff.

"The fulfilment I get from working with my candidates and clients is next to none and I pride myself on being open, honest and transparent. I love going on the journey with my doctors, whether it be to help out their local hospital or set them up for their next locum adventure"

Danni works with doctors and their families to make dreams come true. She focuses on tailored approaches and is mindful that all doctors are unique... her strategy is far from a one-size-fits-all scenario.  

Working in the rural space has given Danni such a bigger sense of community...  "knowing that what I do every day does makes a difference, is the biggest reason I get out of bed in the mornings!"

Danni loves exploring new places with her doctors, identifying all the specific information regarding the location, department, staff and even the best coffee shop in the area!

In Danni's spare time, she likes to keep active, take time to be still and present in nature, long walks along the beach and indulge once in a while in all my favourite foods! 

I have a fur baby and am mummy to my adorable French bulldog Coco. We are joined at the hip and she comes everywhere with me! I love being at the beach with her, that is our happy place!

My journey so far with Ochre has been incredible. I’ve learnt so much from each individual and everyone being an expert in their own field offers someone even with my experience the chance to learn and grow every day! 

I’m excited to see this next chapter enhance my career in so many ways! 

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