I like identifying where convoluted processes may lie in our systems and what can be done to resolve or improve them.

Scott Rogers

Systems and Administration Improvement Consultant


Scott joined Ochre Recruitment in July 2018 as a para recruiter, became an associate recruiter the following year and has now settled into his new position as Systems and Administration Improvement Consultant.

He has worked with a broad scope of doctors, ranging from junior doctors to specialists, and has experience with credentialing systems in all states and territories.

Scott plays an integral role in the improvement of the business's overall operational aspects including quality management framework and creating an internal environment of continuous improvement to CRM, systems, and overall business processes.

Scott enjoys the sense of community working within the Ochre Recruitment team: a culture where everyone is willing to help out when needed and all work together for a common goal. Scott’s job satisfaction comes from providing healthcare to the places that need it the most: rural locations where there isn’t always the availability of doctors and services compared with urban environments.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys time with friends, reading and taekwondo.

Fun Facts

Some down time at the beach or park are Scotts favourite places to unwind;

Scotland, Italy and Cuba are Scotts top picks on his travel bucket list;

Scotts favourite musical acts and songwriters are seminal... The Beatles, Billy Joel and David Bowie;

At home with his wife and daughter, Scott enjoys cooking Pizza and baking sweet treats.

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