Joining Ochre is a great way to start my personal growth from being a full-time mother

Theresa Sarunitman

Para Consultant


Theresa has had over 7 years of experience working in administration and accounting.

She has had the opportunity to work in various industries such as Real Estate, Trading and a School for children with special needs.  Theresa ventured into the recruitment space 2 years ago, handling talent sourcing, lead generation, and client management with finesse.

Theresa is working the General Practice Division to assist them in all aspects of the recruitment process.

As a mother to her adorable 4-year-old son, Theresa enjoys the balance of family and work life. In her free time, she loves immersing herself in nature and tending to her garden. She likes to cook, spend time with her extended family and the local church community.

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Phone +61 2 8356 3172
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