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Looking for your next Rural Locum?

Step into a rural locum for your next GP job. We manage the paperwork, negotiate the best rates, book your travel + accommodation, and offer you a premium service.

  • Exceptional GP VMO locum rates
  • Flexible contracts & start dates
  • Short, long-term & ongoing locums
  • Choose from GP, GP ED, Hospital or AMS

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Your Rural Generalist Team

We are proud to have a highly experienced team of consultants working in the Rural Generalist and Hospital space in Australia.

With 20 years of medical recruitment knowledge and expertise between them, you know you are in the very best hands when it comes to finding your next rural GP locum, when you choose Ochre.

Scott, Taryn, Ashley and Phil all love what they do, they enjoy working with Rural Generalists and are strong advocates for ensuring that all Australians no matter where they live, get access to quality healthcare services.

 Meet your Team


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Christine Reed, Ashley Chan, Phil Dixon & Scott Rogers

Locum rates for Rural Generalists

Rural generalists command higher locum rates compared to GPs in metropolitan areas. This is a guide, we can often advocate on your behalf for higher rates and there is always room to move with flexible dates. 


Rural Generalists

GP Procedural Work (Eg Obstetrics, Anesthesia)


$2,000-$2,500 per day

$2,000-$2,500 per day


$1,800 - $2,500 per day

$2,000 per day


$2,000 per day

$2,200 per day


$2,000 per day

$2,000 - $2,100 per day


$1,800 - $2,000 per day

$2,200 per day


$2,000-$2,500 per day

$2,000-$2,500 per day


$1,600 - $1,800 per day

$1,600 - $1,800 per day

The benefits of working as a rural GP

Rural medicine is an exciting and stimulating career choice where no two days are the same. Often the backbone of smaller rural and remote communities, rural generalists require a broader scope of practice to tackle the unique presentations they encounter.

Working as a rural generalist, you will benefit from:

  • An evolving skill set and increased professional satisfaction
  • Having the skills and knowledge to deliver services in settings such as ambulatory care, home, hospital, retrieval and long-term residential care facilities
  • Functioning with a high degree of independence
  • Much higher locum rates
  • Diverse and enriching cultural experiences
  • A rare opportunity to really ‘see’ Australia without the urban lens
  • A quality of work-life balance that is unique to rural and remote environments.

Read our blog revealing the top 10 reasons to 'go rural'

Life as a Rural GP

Australians have the right to access high quality healthcare no matter where they live. Essentially, rural generalists have the skills to make this happen, delivering quality, personalised and contextual care across a range of health services and from cradle to grave.

Dr Alex John recently returned to a permanent role on Flinders Island at our Ochre Medical Centre, in partnership with the Tasmanian Health Service. He never set out to practice rural medicine, but was drawn to the hands-on experience that island medical practice offered. “Having spent several years among Australian island communities, what I’ve enjoyed the most is being able to do a bit of everything.”

Dr John Hall is a passionate GP Obstetrician who believes there’s a certain mindset that comes with being a rural generalist. “If you're going around the hospital doing different terms like obstetrics, emergency, anesthetics, surgery, internal medicine, any of the sub specialties, and you keep saying to yourself, "I love everything about medicine. I like all the different disciplines"... It means that you've got a generalist mindset. My first foray into proper rural medicine did not disappoint. I had a busy job working as a full-time hospital doctor in a medium-size rural hospital. Working across the gamut of emergency care, surgery, internal medicine, outpatient work—one of the most rewarding workplaces and jobs that I've ever done.”

Ochre Recruitment has proud history of providing key rural employment opportunities for GPs, and offers the most comprehensive range of rural GP jobs in Australia.

What do I need to work as a Rural GP?

Following a state-level Rural Generalist Pathway or National Rural Generalist Pathway significantly broadens your prospects and career options as a Rural GP.

Find out more about the Pathway and where you can work as a Rural Generalist.

  • What is a Rural GP Job in Australia?

    A GP job located in rural, remote and some regional areas in Australia is called a Rural GP Job.

  • How can I find a Rural GP Job in Australia?

    It's best to partner with an agency that has strong relationships with the District Health Boards and practices in rural, remote and regional Australia as Ochre do. Ochre was born in the bush and our 20-year heritage of supporting doctors in rural areas means that you'll be partnering with an agency that can get you the best rates and range of rural GP locum roles. You can peruse a selection of our rural GP roles here.

  • What kind of paperwork is involved in securing a Rural GP Job in Australia?

    The paperwork requirements are no different from that of a GP locum in the city. However, you will need your ALS2 Certificate. While there may be a GP Anaesthetist on-site to assist in airway management, you will need to be comfortable and confident enough to intubate.

    Specialist AHPRA registration, recent ED experience and up-to-date emergency care skills are essential. Some roles will also require you to have experience working in rural communities.

  • How do I negotiate the best rates for a Rural GP in Australia?

    Urgent and last-minute locums will generally be easier to negotiate higher rates. However, if you partner with an agency like Ochre, our recruitment consultant will work on your behalf to get you the highest rates possible.

  • What kind of travel and accommodation arrangements can I expect for a Rural GP Job in Australia?

    The booking and payment of flights, car hire, and accommodation are managed by the Ochre Locum Recruitment Team. That's all part of the FREE service we provide for our locum doctors. We will fly you to the closest location, and if necessary a rental vehicle can be arranged. We will always ensure that you are happy with the travel prior to confirming the shifts for you. We also have access to Angel Flights Medi Support Jet Service should you require it.

    One of the many benefits of working as rural locum GP is the accommodation. When you locum at an Ochre Health Practice you have the choice of staying in lovely country-style houses, big enough to bring your partner or family. Doctors generally do not like sharing accommodation as they need downtime to sleep, so our team always ensures they are provided with fully self-contained accommodation within 10 minutes of the hospital due to being on-call and for convenience.

    From time to time you may be given single accommodation at the hospital. When locuming at an AMS you are sometimes required to stay on-site within the AMS facility.

  • What are the benefits of working as a Rural GP in Australia?

    Things we hear time and time again from our rural GPs are the real sense of meaning and how you are valued as a doctor working within rural communities. Other benefits include:

    • You get to function with a high degree of independence
    • Much higher locum rates
    • Diverse and enriching cultural experiences
    • A rare opportunity to really ‘see’ Australia without the urban lens
    • A quality of work-life balance that is unique to rural and remote environments.
  • What are the start dates and contract options available for Rural GP Jobs in Australia?

    Start dates will vary as do contract lengths. Most clients prefer at least a commitment of 7 days, however, this can always be negotiated.

  • What are the different type of Rural GP Jobs available in Australia?

    Rural towns throughout Australia are dependent on the GP proceduralist workforce for procedural and after-hours medical services in their hospital emergency rooms. Procedural GPs or Rural Generalists are a highly trained cohort of GPs with advanced skills in anaesthetics, obstetrics or surgery and who can provide other routine and emergency procedural interventions.

    A current ALS2 (or equivalent) + FRACCP or FACRRM are essential for proceduralist or GP ED Locums.

    VR GPs with an interest in Indigenous Health working for AMS are also in high demand.

  • Who should I contact if I am interested in a Rural GP Job in Australia?

    Our Rural Generalist and Hospital Division have over 20 years of experience between them so rest assured you are in safe hands with the team at Ochre. For Rural GP locum jobs in Tasmania and Queensland please contact Phil Dixon on 0424 550 378. Contact Taryn Burland on 0457 004 414 for roles in all other states.

    Alternatively, register your interest here.

Thank you for all your help Phil. You helped facilitate the next step in my career with the utmost of ease. I am delighted with the outcome and can’t wait to start my new job! I recommend Phil and the Ochre Recruitment to other doctors looking for their next role.

Dr Tanya Davies

General Practitioner

Once you jump on board with Ochre, you'll never get off!

Dr Tim Taulke-Johnson

Rural Generalist

It's nice to work for an organisation that values patient care the same way i do.

Dr Karen O'brien

Rural Generalist

In my opinion, the main benefit of being a rural generalist is really interesting medicine. You go on a health journey with your patients. You get to know them – their story, background and medical history – making general practice more effective and rewarding. This connection is really lovely and not something easily achieved in metropolitan practice.

Dr Karen O'brien

Rural Generalist

I am a very positive ambassador for your services whenever I am ‘out and about’ in rural and regional Australia.
Keep up the great work. I am privileged to be associated with your brand.

Dr Richard Bills

Rural Generalist

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