Broome WA | Where natural beauty meets paradise

Opportunities for Rural Generalists and Emergency Medicine Doctors are plentiful in The Kimberley Region. Broome Hospital have ongoing requirements for GP/ED, GP/Obs, and GP/Anaes, while the Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Services (BRAMS) and Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council (KAMSC) can offer General Practitioners with an interest in Indigenous Health rewarding locum contracts, generally for a minimum of two weeks.

The authentic colours of this Western Australian region provide a feeling like no other. The beautiful turquoise waters combined with the rich red environment leave an impression of enthusiasm and inspiration. Most well-known for the stunning pearls of the South Sea, Broome’s natural landscapes are breathtaking. With influences from First Nation cultures, indulge in artistic endeavours and exquisite dining experience. Popular local cafés and multicultural restaurants allow for any desire to be met. Only a two-and-a-half-hour flight from the city Perth, the town of Broome attracts a sense of relaxation. Start your true Australian outback adventure now.

Broome WA
Carnarvon WA

Carnarvon WA | Tropical delights by the vibrant sea

The Carnavon Health Campus serves as a central health hub for the community, comprising of a Hospital with ED, a medical centre and array of Allied Health Services. DMO ED Locums are in high demand at Carnavon Hospital and must have extensive emergency experience with at least one of the following: REST | REACT| CEMP | ALS2.

A coastal oasis located to the north of Perth, Carnavon is a flourishing town nestled between the Gascoyne River and Indian Ocean. This historic Western Australian region offers an experience unlike any before. With daily tropical delights and exotic cuisine surrounded by the vibrant sea, Carnarvon attracts those who enjoy unique endeavours. Enjoy the surf at the Gnaraloo or take dip in the famous Rocky Pool, there is something for you in Carnarvon.  

Kalgoorlie WA | The incredible red... way out west

Famous for the Gold Rush in the early 1900s, the historic elements that remain Kalgoorlie today are significant. From amazing olden-style pubs to historic sites like Two Up School, this regional town is one to discover. The rich indigenous culture that surrounds this land is most prominent in the Art exhibitions and Kalgoorlie Aboriginal Tours. Indulge in new cultural experiences and discover a once-in-a-lifetime adventure into the incredible red environment.  The Kalkurla Bushland Park and the Katunga Lookout extend over 200 hectares along with over 2,000 trees planted by the community in 2000. Kalgoorlie not only offers nature’s beauty but also amazing restaurants to indulge in. The famous Exchange Hotel built in 1895 offers meals and drinks while showcasing the extraordinary history of the town's past. Another famous pub the Broad Arrow Tavern, built in 1896 is located just outside the town with signatures of past travellers engraved on the walls. Start your adventure and explore the unique experiences Kalgoorlie has to offer. 

We have opportunities for VR GPs with an interest in Indigenous Health as well as Rural Generalists.

Kalgoorlie WA
Port Hedland WA

Port Hedland WA | Join this grateful community

Port Hedland inhabits one of the largest export ports in the world. Famous for the incredible resource industry, this Western Australian region is the perfect spot for fishing, wildlife, and fascinating Indigenous culture. From turtle nesting to boating, Port Hedland attracts those who find joy in everyday sea life. The famous Staircase to the Moon is an amazing destination to experience the full moon emulating light across the sea. The markets are a popular location for locals to indulge in international food coupled with the sound of musical entertainment.  Port Hedland encourages community events and invites those to feel welcome.

If you are a Rural Generalist, ED CMO or VR GP with an interest in Indigenous Health we have numerous opportunities for you to consider.

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