How does Ochre Help Overseas Doctors Relocate to NZ?

Published on 01/04/2016

Moving to a new country on a permanent basis is a big step for anybody. No matter what your occupation or your current circumstances, there is always so much to think about. Such conundrums as deciding where to live, where to work and a host of other questions need to be answered, so much so that it can be enough to stop people making the big move for good – and that's a real shame.

At Ochre Recruitment, a big part of our service is helping doctors from overseas settle into their new life with the minimum of fuss. We'll take on the majority of the tedious admin work that naturally comes with moving country – such as visas, medical registration and medical indemnity – so you can set about exploring your new surroundings and get down to work as soon as possible.

Introducing Dr Uri Steinfeld

Don't just take our word for it, though. We caught up with one of Ochre's permanent doctors, Dr Uri Steinfeld, to ask him a few questions about his new life in beautiful New Zealand. Dr Steinfeld recently moved to the Land of the Long White Cloud from his native Israel with the help of Ochre Recruitment. Here is what he had to say.

So, how did Ochre specifically help Dr Steinfeld make the move to New Zealand?

Dr Steinfeld recently moved to the Land of the Long White Cloud from his native Israel with the help of Ochre.

"The Ochre team, specifically Luke (Baddington, Ochre team leader and recruitment consultant) helped by providing me with all the support I needed in finding an employer. They assisted me in gaining my professional license and the work visa. Additionally, Luke and the team were available 24/7 for any questions or requests that I had," he said.

Lightening the load

Once Dr Steinfeld had decided to make the move to New Zealand from his homeland of Israel, there were still reams of paperwork, administration and a host of other tasks to take care of.

"Ochre provided me with handy informative files about the GP role in NZ, and the diversity of its population both culturally and medically," Uri explained.

"Furthermore, Ochre made sure that I'd receive professional training at the company's office in Wellington regarding the local pharmaceutical drugs, as well as the nation's social support system (WINZ), the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)." 

how does ochre recruitment help overseas doctors to relocate to new zealand

"Finally, Ochre brought me together with local vocational GPs who comprehensively shared with me their experience and answered my questions. Luke was regularly calling me to ensure that things were going well, and it was good to know that support was there if needed."

Welcome to New Zealand

New Zealand is globally regarded as one of the most stunning nations on Earth, with mountains of things to see and do. With a sparse population and hectare upon hectare of open space, it is surely a dream practice destination for any healthcare professional. But how has Dr Steinfeld found the country during his time here?

"Generally speaking, my experience so far is even beyond my expectations. Kiwis (the people, not the cute little birds!) are friendly, curious and welcoming. It is a great country to raise kids and it offers the right family-work balance," he noted.

NZ provides you with a supportive environment, opportunities for further medical training, fair wage and above all, heaps of time with the family and for one's hobbies."

How does Dr Steinfeld feel the country stands up from a professional point of view? Is it a country worth giving serious consideration to moving to, especially when thinking about medical development and lifestyle perspective? 

"Professionally, NZ is a great country for GPs. It provides you with a supportive environment, opportunities for further medical training, fair wage and above all, heaps of time with the family and for one's hobbies," Uri stated.

"As an outdoors freak, I couldn't ask for more!" We're glad to hear it!

Blog standard

Did you know that Dr Steinfeld actually keeps a blog about his experiences as a doctor in New Zealand? Regularly updated, it lets both his friends and family back home know how he is getting along, as well as acting as a personal journey of his Kiwi adventure.

"Taking the decision to leave your country as a young doctor in the middle of a race for a successful career wasn't easy at all. My partner and I had so many questions and uncertainties about this move and relatively remote destination," Uri cited.

"I decided that the best option was to do my utmost to support and ease the process for any other Israeli doctors who are considering moving down here, as we did 18 months ago."

"I believe and hope that not only Israelis will find my blog to be helpful, but any doctors and medical professionals thinking of making the move." We're sure that it will.

how does ochre recruitment help overseas doctors to relocate to new zealand

So, how would Dr Steinfeld sum up his overall experience with Ochre as he made his move to Aotearoa, in just one sentence? 

"In one sentence? 'They were always there!'"

Be sure to get in touch with us at Ochre Recruitment if you'd like to follow in Dr Steinfeld's footsteps to wonderful New Zealand – we look forward to hearing from you!

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