How our Doctors benefit from Angel Flights Medi Support Flight Program

By , Melinda McCarthy published on 29/03/2023

Last week we participated in the first-ever Rural Medi Support Jet Service in Queensland. Thanks to our friends at Angel Flight Australia, Ochre Doctor Ash Collins was transported from Bamaga, 40 kms north of Cape York to Brisbane, after treating rural communities on a 3-week locum. 

Angel Flight is a charity that launched in 2003 and since then has coordinated thousands of non-emergency medical flights around Australia, including rural and remote regions. All flights are free, and this first jet flight service aims to bridge the transportation gap when it comes to ensuring health professionals can access rural and remote towns safely and avoid long drives across often-flooded regions.

The expanded Angel Flight service will make health care easier and more affordable for rural and remote Australians. "For too many regional communities, access to much-needed healthcare is out of reach" Angel Flight CEO Marjorie Pagani

We caught up with Ash as he touched down at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane

How was the flight?

The private jet flight was an amazing experience. The luxurious interior and comfortable seats completely exceeded my expectations. The crew was very friendly and made me feel at home. The speed and efficiency of the flight were impressive, and I arrived at my destination feeling refreshed and ready to go.

How important is this type of service for doctors working in remote areas?

This type of service is critical for doctors working in remote areas. It provides them with a fast and efficient transportation option that otherwise would not be available to them. This service can help doctors reach their patients faster and provide care quicker, which is often essential when working in underserved areas.

Could a service like this make more doctors keen to take on remote work?

Absolutely! This type of service can make a significant difference in attracting more doctors to take on remote work. The ability to travel quickly and efficiently and not spend hours on the road or in the air can make remote work more practical and appealing. By making remote work more accessible, we can ultimately increase access to healthcare services in rural and remote regions across Australia.

For those of us that are not doctors, pilots, or drivers, how can we help support Angel Flight?

In order for Angel Flight to expand their services to transport doctors to and from remote areas, they need funds to purchase their own plane. I believe Angel Flight currently receives no government funding so Your Jet Life has stepped up to create a lottery that gives everyone that buys a ticket the chance to win their very own plane, while raising the funds for this much needed service.

I'd like to thank the pilot, the crew, Andrew, and Angel Flight for this service and especially Ochre Recruitment for organising this flight, making my locum fun and memorable.


And the Ochre Recruitment Team would like to thank both Angel Flight (Margorie, Alex, and Ziyaad) and Ash (the story about your journey from medical student in Iran and owning your own practice to Rural Generalist and locum GP VMO in Australia is truly inspiring).

If you are a GP VMO and want to know more about working in rural and remote communities across Australia, please contact Phil Dixon or Taryn Burland

Alternatively, register your interest by joining our happy network of doctors.

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 To support the wonderful work of Angel Flight, purchase a ticket or two in the Your Jet Life Lottery

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