How We Can All Help Rural Communities Access Better Healthcare

By , Melinda McCarthy published on 06/09/2023 Ochre Recruitment, Ochre Health,

At Ochre our enduring purpose is to provide better health outcomes for all Australians. When we were asked to help support iconic charity Angel Flight in their mission to make it easier for doctors to get in and out of rural and remote Australia, we jumped at the chance... and the great news is that you can too. A new lottery has been launched to help Angel Flight raise funds to assemble a fleet of Vision Jets that will operate throughout Australia to help people in medical need.

The Your Jet Life Lottery gives everyone a chance to win a luxury holiday, $220k in Gold or a Robinson R44 Raven Helicopter while supporting the phenomenal work of Angel Flight. 

Angel Flight has been operating since 2003 to coordinate non-emergency medical flights for rural and remote Australians so they can receive specialist medical treatment that is not available in their local areas. 

The charity receives no government funding, relying solely on donations from individuals, clubs and bequests. 85% of every dollar is spent on aviation fuel and flight co-ordination. Their support centre runs a very small infrastructure, with six full-time Mission coordinators as paid staff.

Angel Flight has more than 3000 registered volunteer pilots and 5000 volunteer drivers who are ready to assist patients needing scheduled treatment at destinations where other forms of transport are unaffordable.

Angel Flight’s aim with the help of the Your Jet Life Lottery, is to assemble a fleet of Vision Jets to be situated in every capital city plus Cairns. This will allow doctors and other medical professionals to get in and out of the bush the same day and spend all day treating and seeing patients rather than spending hours driving to and from a commercial airport to a remote community. Proceeds from the Your Jet Life Lottery sales will underpin this vision for the future.

Two chances to win

The first draw gives everyone a chance to win a private jet return flight for you and up to 9 friends and an ultra-luxurious week's stay anywhere at a destination of your choice in Australia, Fiji or New Zealand! Plus, the winner will receive AUD$30K spending money! This Prize Package is worth AUD$285,500.

As a supporter, if you'd prefer to choose your own Experience and perhaps even have many experiences rather than the week-long one-off Experience, you have the option of taking $220K in cashable Gold Bullion instead. How good is that!

There are only 120,000 tickets at just AUD$10 each.

Alternatively, you may prefer the chance to win outright a Robinson R44 Raven II with Air Con Helicopter. This comes with 12 months of Hangarage, Maintenance, and Insurance expenses all covered plus $70K of PPL Training plus AUD$100K of Fuel. The Fuel does not expire until it has been used up.

If the winner is already qualified, then the training allocation gets moved to other operational expenses. This Prize Package is worth AUD$1.2M. 

There are just 300,000 tickets at AUD$15 each. There is the option of taking $1M in cashable Gold Bullion instead.

Both Draws close on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at 10:00pm AEDT unless they sell out prior. They are then drawn on Thursday, December 21, 2023, at 12:00pm AEDT.

We encourage everyone to jump on board!

Book your tickets here or scan the QR code.

Ochre is proud to support and collaborate with Angel Flight. The Angel Flight motto of ‘help where help is needed’ aligns closely with our Ochre values of care and being community-minded, and we have a shared passion for helping rural and remote communities across Australia to get quality medical care.

Having both been founded around 2002, our two organisations are also very proud of our 20-year heritage of supporting rural and regional communities.

We wish Angel Flight all the very best in their current fundraising endeavours and we look forward to working together over the next 20 years and beyond to improve rural accessibility and leverage one another’s capabilities, strengths and geographic network.” General Manager of Ochre Recruitment & Medical Directions, Costa Intzirlis



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