Take your surgical skills to regional Australia

Published on 01/04/2018

Across Australia, Ochre Recruitment has fostered an excellent network of trusted contacts and connections public and private hospitals both urban and rural, meaning that we have one of the largest selection of locum doctor jobs available in Australia.  We offer a free service to all doctors by freely arranging locum placements in locations that suit them.

Presently, there are many locum surgery jobs on offer all over Australia, in a variety of surgical specialties and at all levels of seniority, from registrar to consultant. There are many opportunities for locum surgeons in Australia to work in non-metropolitan environments where medical facilities have undergone improvement and expansion, and more advanced surgical operations have only recently been made possible. By taking up locum surgery roles in regional or remote Australia you will be filling a vital role in meeting increased patient demand, utilising new technology and equipment, and developing superior care for regional and remote Australian communities.

One area where locum surgeons are currently in demand, is the city of Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. Darwin is the regional centre for the communities of central-northern Australia, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The area is the ancestral land of the Aboriginal Larrakia people, and today is home to Australia’s largest urban Indigenous Australian community, with a range of tribal dialects spoken in the city, and fascinating, ancient Aboriginal culture and history displayed in many museums and galleries. Darwin is a tropical city, and like all of northern Australia, it has a hot dry season characterised by clear blue skies, and a calming sea breeze that comes up from the harbour, and a humid wet season, characterised by spectacular thunderstorms, and heavy, cooling rains. Hospitals in Darwin provide excellent medical care to both locals, and patients from the many remote areas of the Northern Territory, giving Darwin hospitals a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing of rural, remote, and indigenous Australians.  

Surgical expertise and technologies are expanding all over the world, and Ochre Recruitment is here to help you find a place within the rapidly developing, dynamic area of regional surgery. Call us today to learn more about locum medical jobs in Australia, and to find a surgical position somewhere that suits your personal and professional goals.

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