How Recruitment Agencies Give Doctors Back Their Time

By , Melinda McCarthy published on 21/06/2024

Doctors work long hours providing essential and often critical healthcare services to communities.

Looking for a new locum adventure can be time-consuming and laborious. Medical recruitment agencies can help doctors reclaim their time by removing the legwork and stress that comes with looking for a new role, giving you more time to do the things you want to do.

How do recruitment agencies help doctors?

There are several ways agencies and your recruitment consultant can assist you in achieving your locum goals and career aspirations.

  • Agencies have access to the widest range of roles giving you more choices than you'd find on an online job board; like Seek, Australian Doctor, or a college jobs board
  • Hospitals and practices often only use agencies to help with their workforce needs and don't go to market themselves, so using an agency means you get access to unadvertised roles and facilities;
  • Receiving weekly job updates in your inbox saves you time in having to search for jobs online;
  • Having a team of experts manage the paperwork required when applying for a locum job removes the administrative burden;
  • Your specialist consultant has in-depth knowledge of the industry and pre-existing relationships with practice managers and hospital administration, meaning they can give you greater insights into workplace culture, workload, admin and nursing support, and team dynamics. This information can empower you to help make the right decision;
  • Consultants can often negotiate on your behalf and directly with practice owners or hospital management for higher rates and/or more flexible hours, saving you time and energy.

What to look for when choosing a locum agency

  • Track record in your area of interest/specialty
  • Agency/Consultant who takes the time to listen to you and accommodates your unique requirements
  • Diversity in roles - client network
  • Understanding your scope of work
  • A recruiter who can identify opportunities and negotiate on your behalf
  • An agency that is certified in the quality standard of AS/NZS 9001:2015

Our recent Locum Survey revealed serviceability and administration support as the main things to look for when choosing a locum agency.

Using a medical recruitment agency will get you to where you want to faster and will save you time. Your recruitment consultant will take on all the legwork for you, manage the paperwork and ensure you get the roles most beneficial to your professional and lifestyle goals.

Talk through and consider all aspects of locum opportunities with your recruitment consultant. Ask for information about the facility staff, support, scope of work, expectations, travel time and rates of pay.

With over 22 years of supporting Doctors, Ochre provides you with a range of opportunities in both the General Practice and Emergency Medicine space. We offer locum jobs in a variety of locations across Australia and New Zealand. We focus on your professional needs, working with you to find the roles most relevant and beneficial to your chosen pathway. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll give you back your time to focus on the things you love doing.

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